What's In A Name? | Northern Virginia Photographer

Hello everyone!!

I am sure that if you are here, you have questions about our name change! I’ll do my best to outline answers to questions I anticipate coming our way, but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments or shoot me an email at amanda@seanpurcellphotography.com

Q- Why did you guys change the name?

A- We have always worked together as a team, both on shoots and behind the scenes, and wanted the name of the company to really reflect that.

Q- Is your email address changing?

A- Yes, however, we will be slowly migrating the old email into the new one. For now, you can email either the old domain, or the new one, and they will end up in the same place. On Jan 1, the old email addresses will no longer be active, so we ask that you update your records before then.

Q- Are your services changing?

A- NO. We will still be offering all types of portrait sessions, wedding collections and product photography, the same as we have been.

Q- What about my gallery?

A- Our gallery service will be the last to change over, but yes, that will result in some broken links. I will try to reach out to everyone via email with a new link to access your gallery, but in the meantime, feel free to email us regarding your gallery link.