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AKP Jazzy Retreat – A New Orleans Experience

Back in March, I had the privilege to attend my fourth AKP Retreat. One of these days I’ll get the first three blogged, but for now I want to share a bit about my time in New Orleans with you. 

Each retreat that I have attended has been such an incredible experience, and all four have been so different from each other, that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. But this one, dubbed “AKP Jazzy”, spoke to me on so many levels. Maybe it was the content – we spent quite a bit of time learning how to elevate our detail shots, which is something I love to do. Maybe it was the size of the group – as the smallest retreat yet, we were all able to truly connect with each other on such a deep level, I left truly feeling like I had gained new sisters. Or perhaps it was because it was Ashton’s last retreat, and we all felt the need to really soak up every minute of each other, of the learning, of the experience as a whole, knowing that we probably would not get a chance to do this ever again. 

Whatever it was, I left New Orleans a more confident woman, and a better photographer. 

Group shot courtesy of  Ashton Kelley Photography

Group shot courtesy of Ashton Kelley Photography


The Lodging

As always, Ashton knocked it out of the park with our lodging. I have no idea how she finds such amazing places to stay, but Walker Mansion was perfect. Well, except the cockroach incident. That part wasn’t so great, but hey – it’s the south. Big bugs are kind of a thing down there. 

Photo courtesy of  Ashton Kelley Photography  

Photo courtesy of Ashton Kelley Photography 


The Education

This retreat, as I mentioned, was all about the details. Sirena from Aneris Photography, and Josefina from LoveOffering both spent a lot of time giving us tips and tricks to slaying our detail shots, and then they were on hand as we all took turns playing with everyone’s styling kits and Josefina’s gorgeous calligraphy. They are both masters in their field, with Sirena being an exeptional styler, and all of Josefina’s calligraphy is hand-written with the utmost love. 



The Girls

While the details were a major part of the weekend, we can't forget about the bonding that took place. These girls became my sisters, and the fun we had should not go undocumented. While I mostly just have iPhone photos of our shenanigans (I'm trying to leave the big camera behind and be more present), I will share some of Ashton and Alisha's shots from the weekend. From Tacos and Beer (and margaritas and wine) to a Little Black Dress night, we do know how to have a great time!!

Top images courtesy of  Alisha Faith Photography , bottom images are my own

Top images courtesy of Alisha Faith Photography, bottom images are my own


The Details ... and a look ahead 

I also need to mention that we had a wonderful afternoon shooting a couple on their anniversary, but I’d like to save Megan and Jarred’s images for a blog post of their own. So while I go work on that, why don’t you take a look at the detail images and flat lays I captured. Oh… and go follow LoveOffering. You won’t regret it. 

AKP Jazzy Flat Lays (19 of 45)_WEB.jpg
AKP Jazzy Flat Lays (12 of 45)_WEB.jpg
AKP Jazzy Flat Lays (2 of 45)_WEB.jpg

All photos are mine, except where noted

Contributors to this lovely event include:

Event: AKP Retreat

Education: Ashton Kelley Photography, Aneris Photographer, LoveOffering

Lodging: Walker Mansion