Jumping Back Into Blogging | Northern VA Photographer

Well, here we are. Sean and I launched the new site last year, and we've been meaning to get back into the blogging groove .. and have failed miserably. We (I) have been waiting and waiting for the right moment .. the right thing to say .. the right set of photos to post .. the site to be perfectly optimized for SEO.. etc, etc etc. 

I've learned a huge lesson while waiting to blog.  The truth of it is, the "right" time never comes. There is always something that stops it from being the perfect moment.

"I can't post yet. I haven't finished the alt text on all my photos".

"I can't post yet, my FB engagement has dropped so much, will anyone even see this?"

"I can't post yet. what if I don't have time to prep the NEXT post?"

"I can't post now, I haven't figured out if I should bring over my old blog posts"

So you know what I decided? The perfect moment is now.  To heck with waiting for the alt text to be finished. Will it make THAT big of a deal? Who cares if the FB engagement has dropped due to new whacky algorithms. Maybe this will help!! 

This applies to every avenue in life, too. If you're always waiting for the perfect moment to do something, you'll never get it done. The perfect moment is the one you use to take the first step. So (to steal the words of Nike) ... Just do it. 

In the coming weeks, we're going to be posting lots of fun stuff - recaps from recent shoots, spotlights on small businesses we love, and some up close and personal posts so that you get to know the faces behind the cameras a little better. While you're waiting, click below to check out what we've been up to on our Instagram feed.  

Stay tuned!